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The Epona started life as a university project, initial development through sketch work drew inspiration from 60s sports cars such as the Corvette and Thomas Cheetah. The Epona you might recognise now was much developed as the three dimensional form was sculpted in automotive clay.

In 2009 the body design was finalised. Further development of the chassis has taken place and the decision to make both a coupe and an open top with a removable hard top.

The design and development of the Epona aesthetic has been a time consuming process. Each of the models has taken around three months to complete and as a result the finished design is well worth waiting for.

Link to Epona design gallery
Epona Design Gallery

The first model made its debut at the Stoneleigh Kit Car show in 2007 on the Complete Kit Car magazine stand. Aeon Sportscars became interested in working with Garry to develop the Epona following an article in Complete Kit Car magazine.

Link to Epona design development gallery
Epona Design Development Gallery

The second development model was displayed on the Aeon Sports Cars stand at Detling Kit Car show in 2008 showing the progress of both the aesthetic and engineering development. Changes had to be made to the bodywork to make it SVA/IVA compatible and to make it work with the specially developed chassis.

Link to Epona chassis development gallery
Epona Chassis Gallery

The chassis has been specially designed for the Epona by Aeon. Aeon used what they learned when developing the GT3 - renowned for its fantastic handling - to make the Epona chassis.

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